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Robert L. Wiegel Scholarship for Coastal Studies

In 2002, the California Shore and Beach Preservation Association (CSBPA) established "The Robert L. Wiegel Scholarship for Coastal Studies", named for Bob Wiegel, Professor Emeritus of Coastal Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley.

Annual awards of $1,000 have been made to students pursuing graduate marine studies at a California university or college. A CSBPA subcommittee reviews the scholarship applications and grants the award to the student who produces the most outstanding research effort related to coastal problems in the marine environment.

The funds that created the scholarship were donated from private individuals, corporate entities, and the conference earnings of the CSBPA. The Scholarship Fund is held in an endowment that is now managed by the San Diego Foundation. As the endowment fund grows through future donations and earnings, larger annual awards are anticipated. Previous scholarship winners and their diverse study topics are listed below. Donations to the Wiegel Scholarship Fund are greatly appreciated and can be paid by check to the San Diego Foundation at the following address:

San Diego Foundation
2508 Historic Decatur Road,
#200 San Diego, CA 92106
Attn: Wiegel Fund (#4259)

Student applicants for the scholarship can find additional information at "Call for Applicants", below.

Call For Applicants

April 2007 Keynote Address to CSBPA


  • 2011 ($1,250 via San Diego Foundation) Ms. Timu Gallien, UC Irvine, : "Parcel-Scale Urban Coastal Flooding Model, Newport Harbor, CA"
  • 2010 ($1,000 via San Diego Foundation) Nick de Sieyes, Stanford University, : "Evaluation of Septic System Effluent Discharge in a Coastal Aquiver, Stinson Beach, CA"
  • 2009 ($1,000 via San Diego Foundation) Dmitri Jarocki, California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo: "Ocean Wave Energy"
  • 2008 (2 Awards @ $1,000 each) Heather D'Anna, San Diego State University: "Copper Contamination in National City Marina, San Diego", and Kate Dallas, UC Santa Cruz: "Linking Sediment Management Practices, Ebb-tidal Delta Evolution, and Shoreline Change in the San Francisco Bay Coastal System"
  • 2007 (2 Awards @ $1,000 each via San Diego Foundation) Marissa L. Yates, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego: "Sand Level and Wave Variability on Southern California Beaches", and Nicole E. M. Kinsman, UC Santa Cruz: "California Shoreline Sand Retention: Existing Retention Structures and Future Potential"
  • 2006 ($1,000 via San Diego Foundation) Brian Cheng, San Diego State University: "Invasion Resistance of Eelgrass Beds: Relative Effects of Predation, Habitat Configuration, Recruitment, and Disturbance"
  • 2005 ($1,000 via CSBPA) Adam Young, Department of Structural Engineering, UC San Diego: "LIDAR Applications for Evaluating Coastal Bluff Morphology"
  • 2004 ($1,000 via CSBPA) Carla D. Chenault, UC Santa Cruz: "History of Long-Term Beach Width Change, Oceanside Littoral Cell, California"
  • 2003- No award
  • 2002 ($1,000 via CSBPA) Elizabeth Watson, UC Berkeley: "Sea Level Rise in a Tidal Marsh Near San Jose, California"

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