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About Us

The California Shore & Beach Preservation Association (CSBPA) is a state chapter of the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association:

The American Shore & Beach Preservation Association recognizes that the shores, beaches and other coastal resources of America provide important quality-of-life assets within the reach of the largest possible number of people in accordance with the ideals of a democratic nation. This Association is dedicated to preserving, protecting and enhancing the beaches, shores and other coastal resources of America.

CSBPA Objectives Include:

  • Foster dialogue and cooperation on shore and beach issues, including but not limited to: shore and beach processes; coastal geomorphology; coastal wetlands; ports, harbors and marinas; beach nourishment and preservation; shoreline protection; coastal recreation; historic shoreline changes; monitoring and mitigation efforts; and, results of shoreline research, especially efforts focused on the California or Pacific coastline.
  • Support the professional development of CSBPA members and interested communities through annual meetings, newsletters, participation in ASBPA meetings and contributions to Shore and Beach: Journal of the American Shore & Beach Preservation Association.
  • Support academic interest in shore and beach concerns through the "Outstanding Project in Coastal Science or Engineering" award, for a high school project entered into the Los Angeles County Science Fair.
  • Maintain and support the objectives and mission of the ASBPA.
  • Maintain linkages with ASBPA, other state or regional chapters and other non-profit organizations, such as the Florida Shore & Beach Preservation Association, with similar objectives.
  • Engage in appropriate advocacy for laws, regulations, programs and projects which are consistent with and further the purpose and mission of the CSBPA. CSBPA advocacy positions and activities shall conform to the following principles:
  • Support shoreline actions that are cost-effective for the people of the state and nation. The benefits of shoreline actions, in terms of environmental quality, recreation, property protection and economic growth due to tourism, should clearly outweigh costs.
  • Support actions that restore, preserve and enhance the state's shoreline.
  • Support actions that promote an attitude of stewardship and responsibility toward the state's shoreline for the public and by governments at all levels.
  • Support actions that recognize the shoreline as an integral part of the state's natural and manmade infrastructure benefiting the public, which requires periodic rebuilding and maintenance just as do the state's roads, parks, lakes and rivers.


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